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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

withdrawal from speed addictions

No matter how hopeless you feel because of your addiction to Meth, no matter how much you've endangered your way of life, your health and all that you love, CrystalClear™ can help you break free.

Let us show you a way to help you to a drug-free life, a way that can tame cravings, stabilize moods, help a body that's been damaged by drugs, clear the "mental fog" during the day and help you sleep soundly at night.

So far, doctors have tried a number of approaches including the prescription drugs that are meant to combat cigarette smoking, or various combinations of drugs, psychotherapy, and other treatments. But these approaches have come up short. Even many of the folks in 12-step programs have struggled with relapse.

As you are experiencing right now, speed is such a strong addiction that it can be a major challenge to those approaches.

The withdrawal from speed can be more harsh than from other addictions in the way cravings manifest themselves with an incredible intensity, and the way a foggy, mushy drag takes hold of everything you do, making you believe you'll never be "normal" again… not to mention the nightmarish cycle of desperately wanting to get free but feeling unable to resist the cravings for the high, followed by feelings of failure and self-hatred.

CrystalClear™ can help you break free

CrystalClear is an all-natural and highly effective system formulated by a naturopath and endorsed by recovery counselors and alternative health practitioners like Luke Adams. Even where pharamaceutical drugs fail, CrystalClear works!

CrystalClear is a 4-part system that gets right at the core of the addiction:

Part 1 knocks down cravings, reduces anxiety and rebalances body chemisty for the best possible chance at recovery.
Part 2 and 3 are called "fog lifters" because they clear out the dull, sluggish brain feelings that would otherwise send people back to meth for the alertness and buzz.
Part 4 is a very high-quality, total body and glandular rejuvenating formula of nutrients and proprietary natural ingredients to repair drug damage and create health.
CrystalClear works!

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detoxification from amphetamines

Medical research shows that detoxification from amphetamines is a grueling process – some reports say worse than from heroin. So while the chemical itself may flush from the body within anywhere from 72 hours to two weeks, it can take two years for cell receptors just to return to baseline.

That's why the relapse rate for people trying to recover from speed addiction can be as high or higher than the relapse rate for heroin users.

That is, unless they have the benefit of every weapon we now have against this particular addiction. So what are the right tools?

In addressing any addiction, it makes sense to start not only by stopping intake (abstaining), but also by knocking down the cravings in the first place.

That's the idea behind a number of new studies of the usefulness for speed recovery of the pharmaceutical drug Bupropion, and of some newer prescription agents. Buproprion goes by the name Wellbutrin™ when prescribed as an antidepressant, and Zyban™ when prescribed as a stop-smoking aid, and works by regulating the neurotransmitters Serotonin and Dopamine.

Natural medicine has made some attempts at solving the addiction problem, too.

Some Chinese herbal formulas on the market are aimed at curbing alcohol cravings; other products target cigarette cravings with a blend of herbs.

While these approaches are shown to be somewhat helpful against alcohol and nicotine, unfortunately, none are also tailored to stimulants – and none are strong enough to even make a dent in the multifactoral issues involved with speed addiction.

Studies and anecdotal evidence from drug clinics have shown that recovering speed addicts do better when they get a multi-vitamin supplement and high doses of B-vitamins – better than with a medication like Bupropion alone.

This is because speed nutritionally wrecks the body and the immune system, and gradually puts more and more stress on the adrenal glands. What's more, Bupropion has side effects that can't be tolerated by many recovering addicts.

What is really needed is something that can help repair and re-educate cells, deal with fogginess, sleep problems and attention deficits, and adjust nutrition -- plus achieve better systems balance. Prescription medications alone cannot do that – but natural CrystalClear can.

These formulas address another of the resolve-killing challenges of speed recovery – the heavy, foggy feeling that often sends you right back into the cycle of abuse. Stimulant users crave the mental clarity and "edge" the drug once gave them, and complain of "wading through cobwebs" or "walking through sludge" when they're not high.

When you order CrystalClear™, you are protected by "No Questions Asked-Risk Free Guarantee".

If you are not completely satisfied with CrystalClear™, simply return all empty and unopened packages within 67 days of ordering.

You will receive a full refund of your purchase price, excluding your shipping and handling charges. CrystalClear™ can't make it any simpler than that.

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CrystalClear nutritional system

What is CrystalClear™ ?

CrystalClear™ is a 4-part natural and nutritional system that addresses critical aspects of detox and recovery for those addicted to speed. CrystalClear™ may be helpful in dealing with other drugs, such as alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines as well.

Individual formulas work to help knock down cravings, clear the mental fuzziness that gets noticed when the drugs are discontinued, support and heal your drug-damaged body and strengthen your resolve to overcome addiction for good.

CrystalClear™ was developed by Luke Adams, a Registered Naturopath. Rev. Luke Adams is a Registered Naturopath in the District of Columbia (USA). He has studied holistic health extensively, and holds a number of certifications—among them, in the work of medical intuitives and in Reiki, in Acupressure and the Chinese Health Arts, and in pastoral hypnotherapy. He was certified as a Community Health Outreach Worker in 2003 by the ARIS Project in Santa Clara County (California).

Currently, Rev. Adams is completing studies for certification in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling for full-time counseling work in addiction rehabilitation. His emphasis is in spiritual counseling and healing, and he currently works directly with the communities of those who are recovering from addiction.

Who can be helped by CrystalClear™ ?

Anyone who wants to get clean and stay free of hyperstimulant abuse – drugs known as speed, meth, crystal, ice, crack, coke, bennies, dexies, ritz, black-beauties, pink-hearts, cross-tabs, ecstasy, adam, go-fast, tina, glass, crissy, shabu, and so on.

How can a natural product help me against something as strong as a drug addiction?

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CrystalClear Methamphetamine Detox

CrystalClear methamphetamine clearance product is a win-win for all!

Please read on to see how CrystalClear can help both you and the addicted.

The drug methamphetamine is cheap and easy to obtain... but with hideous, devastating and deadly effects. It's an addiction that's nearly impossible to kick. Many people don't stop until their lives are ruined... or they're dead.

The thing is, meth users don't necessarily fit your stereotypical view of what "drug users" are supposed to be. They are students, professionals, housewives, mothers, fathers. They often have affluent lifestyles and seemed successful and happy, until they were introduced to meth. Most importantly, they are people, and many of them desperately want out of the meth cycle.

Meth is ruining lives, and costing society a fortune.
It's time to turn the tables on this destructive force.

When it comes to drug addiction, change happens on the front lines. Right now, the front lines are where you are - online and in close contact with many of the very people who are being sucked into the allure of methamphetamines.

You can reach these people through your website. Just a few good banners, just one click could be all it takes to turn their lives around.

Continue to CrystalClear Methamphetamine Detox

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